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Construction land Sura Mica

Price €1.551.475

Sale industrial area Sibiu

Price €3.000.000

About ReMax/XUX - Real Estate Agency Sibiu - I emerged from the desire of change and we know that it is insufficient just to talk about it. That's why, with small steps, every day we make the model and standards of known working. Can not reverse the world of real estate upside down, but through perseverance and seriousness we see the goals achieved in the smiles, satisfaction and recommendations of our clients.
Concrete, we propose to act on the second areas:

To increase customer satisfaction through:
Providing representation services real estate clearly explained, through the client to understand the value of the services provided;
The creation of a working system of agency based on efficiency, professionalism and trust;
Education programs, information and real estate consulting at client level.

At the national level, RE/MAX Romania aims to educate professionals in the field of real estate local – to change the image of the real estate agent in Romania - by:
Providing educational programs in the field;
Organization of conferences and other events national to educate the agent, but to create an environment conducive to the exchange of experience between professionals;
The creation of specialized products that increase the efficiency of labor agencies real estate from the system.

Within the team the real Estate Agency RE/MAX XUX SIBIU we have specialized departments on the following activities:
Land in Sibiu – investment, sale, rental, acquisition
Apartments in Sibiu - investment, sale, rental, acquisition
Houses in Sibiu - sale, rental, acquisition
Commercial spaces in Sibiu - investment, sale, rental, acquisition
Industrial space in Sibiu - investment, sale, rental, acquisition
Development and implementation of a plan real estate investment
Consulting on purchasing or selling a property
Administration and management properties

Do you have a property that you want to capitalize? We offer, free, Market analysis. Do you know anyone interested? Don't hesitate to recommend us!

Will evaluate correctly in the market the property, based on our expertise and knowledge but also on the situation of the real estate market in the area of your property
Will promote the property after a plan for promoting the proposed by us and agreed with you.
We offer you solutions as to what would be presented to the property in a way that is more advantageous.
Will inform you what to do to raise the value of the property.
We take care of the property, by focusing on the result.
You will get clients qualified, no tourists real estate (CAREFUL ON WHO YOU LET COME INTO THE HOUSE)
Will protect our interests in front of third parties.
We do everything possible to sell the property as quickly and at the best price.
We work with other agents in the market and real estate agencies from sibiu to sell as quickly and as well the property, without you to interact with 100 agents (more or less professionals). Without any additional cost!
The property you a to be viewed on-line at least 200 real estate agents in our nationwide network and over 120 000 at the global level. We perform transactions of national and international.
We negotiate for you.
We suggest that a lawyer, notary, expert cadastral confidence with which we collaborated and which-and I do a good job.
We'll keep you informed regularly on existing requests, the evolution of prices and market conditions. Discuss the price with you if the market demands it.
We offer complete information about purchasing properties as an investment, by calculating efficiency and determining if it is an effective one or not.
We are next to you whenever you need.

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